Porter and the Pale Ales

Throwback? Retro?  Fun! This band harkens back to the 30s through the 60s in America when lyrics were sweet, love was simpler, and the melodies were rich enough to wind 'round your brain to stay awhile. Think George Gershwin meets the early Beatles. Porter and the Pale Ales deliver a sound that is gentle, thoughtful, yet zesty!

 COVID 19 has prevented us from performing live at this time. We are busy practicing and Zooming! WEAR A MASK, practice SOCIAL DISTANCING, and limit being indoors with others outside your pod.

Band Personnel

Sharon Porter- Vocals, Percussion, Tenor Ukulele

Matt Cooper-Keyboards, Melodica, Accordion

Jon St. Hilaire-Guitar, Vocals

Greg Johnson-Reeds

Michael Snider-Acoustic Bass, Vocals 

Come see us!

  • June 10-Heppner OR, Community Concert TBD

  • August 11th-Grassroots Festival in Union, OR-11:30 to 12:30

  • September 1-La Grande Farmers Market - 9 to noon

  • YOUR next event (fundraising, car show, celebration, just because!)

Sharon Porter


NEW CD! Just recorded at Rainmaker Studios, Pasco, Washington in August, it features Matt and Sharon. Here's a sample! 

Straighten Up and Fly Right sample.mp3

Collaborative CD with a cut from Porter and the Pale Ales! This compilation album has Porter and the Pale Ales playing "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"... a poignant song reflecting the struggles of the Great Depression.

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime_sample.mp3

Need more information? Let us know!

La Grande, Oregon 97850